Grape Seed Oil Cosmetics Gift Set


* soap,
100 g
Its main ingredient is the cold-pressed grape seed oil, which can provide help for various skin problems and at the same time can be used as a pleasant luxury item to complete our toiletries. Its active ingredients are quickly and easily absorbed into the skin, which can also facilitate the healing of inflammatory skin problems. It also contains rosemary extract, which is associated with grape seed oil from selected wine regions as a pleasant aroma and makes our soap more valuable with its natural anti-inflammatory effect as it is known in folk medicine.

* lip balm, 6 g
The balm is a grape fat made from cold-pressed grape seed oil, which can help in lip care for sensitive skin as in winter as in summer. It has an intense moisturizing effect and favorably combines the known in the literature anti-inflammatory effect of grape seed oil with the promotion of skin elasticity, the pleasant aroma and taste of cocoa butter, rosemary leaf extract and grape seed oil.

* mud, 120 g
Grape seed mud nourishes and regenerates the skin thanks to its high vitamin E content. It is exfoliating, so it also affects the cellulite skin surfaces. It is therefore excellent for cosmetic use, either alone or as an additive. A good skin exfoliating, nourishing additive for natural soaps.

The parts of the set can be available separately too!

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