Natural Hand Cleanser


Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic all of our lives have become different. We had to make changes to our everyday routines all of a sudden. One is the practice of regular and frequent hand cleaning to remove contaminants, keep ourselves and our environs clean and prevent from infections.

Due to the suddenly increased demands for cleaners and disinfectants producers came out with no-rinse hand cleaners very quickly. Most of the hand sanitizers (made according to the suggestions of the World Health Organization (WHO)) clean effectively. The proper alcohol content kills the germs; the water and Glycerine makes it less harmful to the skin; the gelling agents improve the consistency and usage. These products – made from the simplest and cheapest ingredients – are sufficient against infections, but, on the other hand, not pleasant to the skin at all. Even the first uses make it dry, cracked and coarse; and the applying of hand lotions followed the sanitization cannot be averted.

During the developing of this hand cleanser formula the main goal was to create the perfect cleaning effect, as well as to maintain the healthy skin. This means the use of natural, plant-based ingredients which protect and nourish the skin at the same time.

We dilute the 96% alcohol used for the hand cleanser with Roman Chamomile floral water instead of pure water, and boost it with nourishing natural ingredients like organic Aloe gel, Panthenol (provitamin B5) and vegetable Glycerine. The pure Spearmint essential oil provides a pleasant smell and is gentle to skin. All together they minimize the unwanted side effects of the usual hand sanitization process and the final, natural-based formula is an effective cleanser, which is extremely gentle to the skin and can be even tolerated by children and people with sensitive and irritated skin.

Usage: Apply cleanser to one palm, spread and rub it all over the hands’ skin. Do not rinse!
Available packages: 500 ml pump dispenser bottle and 60 ml disc-top bottle

Logistic details: 
- 500 ml:  8 pieces/carton, 80 cartons/pallet (640 products)
-   60 ml: 56 pieces/carton, 80 cartons/pallet (4480 products)

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