Walnut Oil Cosmetic Set

The cold-pressed walnut oil is one of the best cosmetic oil.

Content of the box:
* lip balm, 6 g

Walnut oil is a great cosmetic oil, that in addition with the shea- and cocoa butter and the phytosterols nourishes and protects the lips, and have anti-inflammatory and hydrating effects. The scent is lent by the matching sandalwood and clove essential oils. Paper-based, compostable packaging is trendy and environmentally friendly.

* soap, 100 g

Dry, sensitive, eczema-prone skin that requires special treatment regains its smoothness, beauty and velvety softness through regular use of the walnut oil products. The soothing, emollient walnut oil strengthens the skin's protective layer. Rapid regeneration is also aided by natural anti-inflammatory agents. The essential oil of sandalwood and clove provides not only a sweet, oriental spice scent, but also an antimicrobial, analgesic and wound healing effect. We mixed the walnut oil with the best company in this soap that can be used boldly all over the body. In addition to anti-inflammatory and highly moisturizing shea butter, We mix skin-nourishing cocoa butter, skin-regenerating, disinfecting, scarring-promoting natural benzoic resin and detoxifying, cleansing Moroccan lava soil, so the soap gently, yet effectively treats sensitive skin.

* bath salt, 120 g

Due to its outstanding walnut oil content, our bath salt with walnut oil has a number of beneficial effects on dry, dehydrated skin. The anti-inflammatory allantoin, the moisturizing vitamin E, the special Moroccan lava soil and the essential oils makes the skin glowing and fresh.
Put 1-2 tablespoons of bath salt in a tub of water, use it twice a week and your skin will be grateful for it!

The elements of the set can be available separately as well.

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