Poppy Seed Flour


It has a poppy seed taste without the crispy bits!
Because of its high mineral- content (iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphor), poppy seed flour can be beneficial in preventing osteoporosis and iron deficiency. It is also a good supplement for calcium in case of kids with milk allergy.
Due to its low carbohydrate and high fibre and protein content, poppy seed flour fits into any diet.
It is a great substitute for ground poppy seeds. Moreover, it’s got a longer shelf life due to its reduced oil content.

Poppy seed flour can be substituted for white flour in any recipe matching with the taste of poppy seeds.
Ideal for making pastries and to spice up your muffins, doughnuts, fillings or even our bread.

Available size: 250 g, 500 g or in bulk

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