Natural Lip Balm


Our natural lip balms are made of natural ingedients only providing care at any conditions. The packaging reveals the Zero Waste concept of the production: they are sold in environmentally friendly paper tube containers.

* Lip balm with rosehip seed oil
Rosehip seed oil is one of the most valuable cosmetic ingredient in the world. Our lip balm contains more than 50 % of it! It is, in fact boosted with rosehip fruit extract, shea butter and phytosterols to protect and hydrate the lips.

* Lip balm with grapeseed oil
The main component, the grape seed oil is a very precious oil with high antioxidant (Resveratrol), linoleic acid and polyphenol content. Mixed with high quality, spanish extra virgin olive oil, shea butter and cocoa butter it nourishes, hydrates and protects the lips'' sensitive skin.
Beyond these the lip balm is enriched with phytosterols, that can rebuild the skins natural hydro-lipid layer. The beeswax forms a protective layer to keep the lips hydration. The rosmary and lemongrass natural essential oils give a pleasant, balanced smell to the lip balm.

* Lip balm with regular and slightly hot paprika seed oil
A unique product in two versions: the regular and the slightly hot edition. Paprika seed oil is a perfect skin care oil: it has a very high vitamin E, carotenoid and phytosterol content, and has antioxidant, anti-aging and protecting effects. Due to its capsaicin content it increases the blood flow in the lips brightening their colour and giving them a – by women and man well appreciated – visual volume. The added sesame and milk thistle seed oil, the shea butter, the avocadin and the bisabolol even increase its nourishing and antibacterial mechanism.

* Lip balm with walnut oil
Walnut oil is a great cosmetic oil, that in addition with the shea- and cocoa butter and the phytosterols nourishes and protects the lips, and have anti-inflammatory and hydrating effects. The scent is lent by the matching sandalwood and clove essential oils.

Size of each: 6 g

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