Healthy Fruit Bars

FRUIT BARS WITH ADDED PROTEIN - available in 3 tastes

1. Cashew, almond and blackcurrant bar

A healthy snack made from dried fruit, special premium nuts (almonds and cashew), free of added sugar, which, in addition to being a source of dietary fibre, also contributes with added plus protein to our daily lives. Thanks to the noticeable fruit pieces and chunks of seeds, you can not only bite into a healthy snack, but also a delicious slice.
No added sugar, artificial flavours, sweeteners or colours.

Ingredients: date paste, raisins, cashew nuts 13,1%, almonds 13,1%, glycerine, whey protein concentrate 8%, vegetable oil (sunflower, rapeseed), dried blackcurrant, lemon concentrate, natural flavouring.

2. Cashew, almond, strawberry and cranberry bar

3. Cashew, almond and pineapple bar

These products are packed in simple folia bag now. Orders could be accepted only with private label!

Weight: 30g

Shelf life: 365 days

Logistic details: 24 pcs./carton, 525 cartons/pallet =12.600 pcs.

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