Horsepower Extra Strong Pain Relief Cream


Made with Cannabis Seed Oil and Devil's Claw + L-Arginine preparation is an original Vitae One® cosmetic and care product of unique quality and effectiveness developed for equestrian sports, horse breeders and stables.

It's a unique, high quality, special and versatile product, designed and produced by a competent and highly trained team of designers, tailored to the modern needs of the equestrian society.

In terms of its active composition, it is an optimal mixture of the essence of Alpine herbs, Hemp seed oil, Devil's Claw plant extract, L-Arginine semi-essential amino acid and Willow bark extract. The product contains menthol and camphor, with their cooling and refreshing properties. High-quality, highly effective active ingredients provided by well-known manufacturers!

The product is ideal for massage, problems with the body's reflexes, massaging strained muscles, daily fatigue and in cosmetics.

We recommend to use for big-bodied animals, like horses,camels too!

Size: 500 g

Logistic details: 12 pcs./carton, 88 cartons/pallet=1056 pcs.

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