Anti-allergy product for prevention or as treatment
The allergy season comes again. Everybody can decide, if would like to eat medicines, to use mask or to try the Hungarian invented Allergofilter.
Catalogue of mailboxes
Hand casted aluminium mailboxes
The A.D. TRADE BT offers mailboxes with different sizes, available for as for private houses as for companies.
Traditional Hungarian Chocolates
Traditional Hungarian gift box packed chocolate bonbons are also delicious sweets.
The A.D. TRADE BT - as the Hungarian exporter of chocolates - is ready to offer unique ones.
Kalocsai flower shape spacer 35 cm
Exporter of handmade embroidery of the Hungarian „Kalocsai” style
Our company is the exporter of handmade embroidery of the Hungarian „Kalocsai” style. We have several shapes, sizes, table clothes, gift boxes, etc. Any of them can be beautiful gift for women for any occasion.