100% Tequila

100% Tequila100% Tequila
The only place of the Earth, from where the real tequila could come: Jalisco in Mexico. As the agave plant needs a long time to grow, till it will become ready to process, it gives finally a unique, limited quantity of high quality spirit.

About the BLANCO (Silver): According to the production process transparency and aromas evoke red earth dampened by the rain. This mild tequila with an ideal mouth is preferred by those longing for the pure fresh flavor of ripe blue agave. It has a sweet wild honey flavor with herbal notes such as mint and eucalyptus besides citric hints of lemon and grapefruit. This is what makes this drink a promise for all your senses.

About the REPOSADO: An elegant aromatic symphony invades the senses with a captivating lovely shiny straw color. It is marvelously complex with delicate vanilla, cashew and maple notes and a touch of anis. Caramel notes are the result of the time spent aging in casks made out of white American oak. It is ideal for drinking straight or mixed.

They are taken immediately after distillation and bottled after an aging and stabilization process. The BLANCO (Silver) and the REPOSADO made from 100% agave juice.
Alcohol content: 38%.
Available size for Europe: 750 ml.
Packaging: 12 bottles/case, 70 cases/pallet.
MOQ: 1 pallet.

As our company acts as the European Branch Office of the Fabrica Tequila Don Nacho S.A., we are searching for distributors from European countries first of all. Smaller orders we can supply from our located in Belgium stock, only the full container orders can be supplied directly from Mexico.