The shroud of mystery surrounding Absinth is due to the content of thujone, which is an alkaloid included in absinth wormwood. Its hallucinogenic effects on human perception significantly influenced great French painters in the 19th century: Manet, Gauguin, Rimbaud, Van Gogh…and thus gave rise to a new art movement called ´Impressionism´. Absinth can be consumed in a traditional way: cut by cold water and slightly sweetened with sugar. We offer a gift box including the asseccories to try it (the 0,7 lit. bottle + spoon and a glass).
Nowadays, during pleasant relaxation, many prefer drinking cocktails, as the alcohol content of the spirit is 70%. The available colours are green (Fairy), red  (Devil) and black (Hekateé).

Available sizes: 0,5 lit. and 0,7 lit. bottles.
Logistics: 0,5 lit. size: 8 bottles/carton, 456 bottles/pallet.
                   0,7 lit. size: 6 bottles/carton, 378 bottles/pallet.
                   Gift box: 3 pieces/ carton, 216 pieces/pallet.