Alkaline Mineral Water

Alkaline Mineral WaterAlkaline Mineral Water
Alkaline Mineral WaterAlkaline Mineral Water

PERIDOT mineral water originates from a limestone mountain, in a  Nature Conservation Area, so we bottle it from a protected  underground water source.

It is a sodium-bicarbonate water with mid-range mineral content (1000 mg/l), very alkaline, extremely clean and  of stable composition.
Medical studies have proved that the consumption of alkaline water  helps prevent diseases. The alkalinity helps the total absorption of  minerals in the body, making it healthier by achieving and maintaining  the acid-alkaline balance.
The deuterium content of Peridot natural mineral water is 139 ppm. It  is unique in Europe, the deuterium content of our surface waters is  higher (145-155 ppm). Low deuterium content has a beneficial effect  on the immune system.
Peridot has a silicon-dioxide content of 44 mg/l. The silicon in silicon-dioxide provides a nutrient for connective tissues, and it is of vital  importance for our cells. Strong connective tissue is a prerequisite for  an elastic skin, strong hair, and healthy nails. Silicon strengthens the  connective tissues, regulates our fluid balance, and helps collagen  production, which is the material for a beautiful skin, hair and nails.

Available sizes:
0,5 lit. PET non-carbonated
1 lit. PET non-carbonated
1,5 lit PET non-carbonated

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