The ALLERGOFILTER made on the basis of a Hungarian invention well-being product to provide a preventive and intermediate solution against the allergic attack (mainly aerial) and its’ symptoms.
The disposable product gives effective results against the different kind of allergic materials (pollens, animal hairs, mites, dust and other micro impurities, flavours, chemical irritations). At the same time it is more aesthetic wearable and transparent, than the competitive products (pastes, bandages, special masks, injection treatments), does not set back the daily activities and life, has no side effects.
The filters are available in monthly dose blister and box packaging in S,M and L sizes.
As the product belongs to "well-being" category, don't need to be registered at any authorities. The ALLERGOFILTER could be well sold – through special partners - in chemist’s shops, pharmacies, drugstores and in special health-care shops.
For interestested potential importers we can send more details by e-mail.