Baby Swaddle

Baby SwaddleBaby Swaddle
Baby SwaddleBaby Swaddle

It's a pleasure for us to introduce You the Hungarian invented Mille baby swaddle and baby bag, which is the most modern baby swaddle having the recommendation of paediatricians and midwives!

The swaddle plays an important role in the life of a new-born, as the using of it is an intimate and secure experience in the life of a baby.  Its shape, softness and warmth evoke the feeling of the womb, calms down, rocks, puts the baby to sleep.  Research has shown, that a fussy child calm down sooner if they feel the safe embrace of the swaddle. The most of midwives and paediatricians also support the usage of swaddle, as it provides an even temperature, ensures safety, the child lies on its back, thus reducing the risk of Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Combining the latest, most beautiful materials and design we offer handmade products, produced with care, with a nice variety of colours and patterns. They are made of baby-friendly, natural, breathable and soft materials, complemented by beautiful, friendly patterns and figures.

Excellent for use by novice moms, insecure dads, grandparents, low birth weight babies, the Mille baby swaddle keeps the baby safe, the spine is straight and stable, the head does not tilt, but rests comfortably in the swaddle.

It also makes breastfeeding more comfortable and intimate, for both baby and mom.

The binding function at the top of the Mille baby swaddle is to keep the baby from slipping into the swaddle, but the legs can move freely, this is important for babies having abdominal pain, and as we know, every baby has abdominal pain in the first few weeks.

It can be used for babies between 0-4 months, after that recommended the baby bag depending on the child's abilities.

Swaddles' packaging: 5 pieces/carton, 12 cartons/pallet
MOQ: 10 pcs. swaddles /design

Baby bags' packaging: 4 pcs./carton, 12 cartons/pallet
MOQ: 8 pcs. bags/design