Barca's Untold Legends

Barca's Untold LegendsBarca's Untold Legends

FC Barcelona and Messi are adored by millions around the world. However, few people know that the "Messi" of the 1950s was a Hungarian by the name of Laszlo Kubala. Kubala's fame was the reason that Camp Nou was constructed, that still stands as the largest football stadium in Europe. Following the Hungarian revolution in 1956, Kubala was joined at Barca by two stars of Hungary's "Golden Team": Kocsis and Czibor. These three Hungarians soon won the hearts of fans throughout Catalonia and the Spanish-speaking world. But behind their success each suffered
their share of professional challenges and personal tragedy. interviews with Luis Suarez, other former teammates and the sons of these football legends, combined with footage of unforgettable matches and hitherto unseen goals, all help to tell the tale of Barca's Untold Legends. So much more than a story!
The language of the DVD is Hungarian and Spanish, but available with English, Catalan and German subtitles too.