Bicycle Bag

Bicycle BagBicycle Bag
Bicycle Bag

Show the world that you can be trendy on 2 wheels. Put on your bike one of these Mille Anne bags, choose the color that suits your clothes or your bike. Shopping on 2 wheels is not a problem even in rain or sunshine. Thanks to the waterproof material, it does not soak if it accidentally catches rain while curling, it is enough to worry about your hair, all the contents of your phone, wallet and bag are guaranteed to stay dry. Its size can be increased with the upper cord and it does not soak by tightening it, in its inner pocket can be placed the phone, key, wallet, you don't need to carry a separate bag with you.

Everyone knows that shopping with a bicycle is not easy, the apartment key naturally lands at the bottom of the bag by the time we get home and even if starts to rain, then the problem is big. Not only our clothes, but also the croissant packed in a paper bag gets soaked on top of the bag and the faster we ride, the better it falls. Overcoming Murphy’s Law, we created this bag for safe shopping. Buy it and ride!

Our bags are designed for the normal metal bike baskets.

You can also use it as a shoulder bag, beach bag or shopping bag.

Material: Waterproof