Bitter Liqueur

Bitter LiqueurBitter Liqueur
Bitter Liqueur

King Matthias was the most popular king of Hungary in the 15th Century.

Our stomach bitter (liqueur) is a delicious combination of different spices and herbs - had been issued with His well-known name.

The quality is excellent, packed in elegant bottles. In our stressful life this bitter can make calm in the stomach.

The liqueur contains 33% alcohol, available already in 3 sizes:

0,2 lit.
Packaging: 12 bottles/tray, 1440 bottles/pallet
0,5 lit.
Packagin: 6 bottles/carton, 648 bottles/pallet
1 lit.
Packaging: 6 bottles/carton, 456 bottles/pallet.

MOQ: 1 pallet, which can be filled with different bottle sizes.