Body Lotion

Body LotionBody Lotion
Skin refining Aloe Vera hydrating body lotion

Soft ph-neutral emulsion which is easily absorbed by the skin. Its regenerating agents restore skin fat and water balance. Precious oils make silky and nourish the dehydrated skin. Its Aloe Vera content assures excellent hydrating effect and improves the skin’ natural resistivity. With its regular use after bath or sun-bathing the skin becomes silky and soft. Its pleasant fragrance assures long-lasting good feeling. Recommended for normal and dry skin.
Size: 500 ml
Packaging: 12 pieces/carton, 1.80 pieces/pallet.

Body lotion for sensitive skin with almond oil

Smooth, easily absorbed, intensively moisturising body lotion. The main active ingredient is natural sweet almond oil. This precious oil efficiently restores and strengthens the skin’s natural protective layer. The vitamin rich Shea butter regenerates, and Sunflower oil silky nourishes sensitive skin. Aloe Vera effectively hydrates and relieves dryness of the skin. Due to the softening effect of the lotion, inflamed and rough skin soft and revitalised. Use on a daily basis for a lasting effect. Free of mineral oil, paraben. Allergen-free, recommended for sensitive skin.
Size: 500 ml
Packaging: 12 pieces/carton, 1.080 pieces/pallet.