Bull's Blood Red Wine

Hungary has 22 historical wine regions, one of the most well-known one is located on the North part of the country, in Eger.
EGRI BIKAVÉR - BULL'S BLOOD - It is the true essence of the red wines of Eger,
one of Hungary's most famous dry, red wines, known for its ruby color and spicy notes. At most of the areas the soil has volcanic origin in the deep layers– rhyolite tuff – covered by brown forest soil. Our wines are unique, full bodied, having mineral character and keeping their fruitiness for a long time. The wine is a blend of the following grape types: Blue-frankish, Cabernet Franc, Turan and Kadarka.
Recommended to drink with made from red meat dishes, chilled at 16-18
Alcohol content: 12,5%
Size: 0,75 lit.
Packaging: 6 bottles/carton.
MOQ: 1 pallet.