Canned Apple Juice

Canned Apple JuiceCanned Apple Juice
JONA DRINK 0,25 lit. canned fresh 100% apple juice

Folk tradition has classified apple as a herb for the treatment of hemorrhoids and intestinal infections, as well as gout. Freshly pressed apple juice helps with mental activities and has an invigorating effect. In general, the good reputation of the apple and its belief in its life-giving power are indicated by the fact that it plays an important role in the mythology of several nations. According to an old Hungarian proverb: "one apple a day - keeps the doctor away." Its flesh contains 8 to 13 percent fructose, a medium-size apple has 80 calories, 21 grams of carbohydrates, 3.7 grams of fiber, and 10 to 15 mg of vitamin C. Vitamins A and B, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, potassium and sulfur contents are also significant. Its water-soluble fiber, pectin, has many beneficial effects on the human body: it regulates feces (experience shows that the consumption of cooked, steamed versions can be effective for diarrhea, raw against constipation), has a beneficial effect on the intestinal flora, lowers the blood’s cholesterol level, its high potassium level helps for people suffering from high blood pressure. The content of fruit acid and malic acid has a good effect on the function of the intestines and liver. Apples have a detoxifying and cleansing effect on the whole body, so for example they relieve the kidneys, reduce kidney stones and uric acid production. Can be helper of weight loss, and even if someone takes a somedays apple cure, it not only contributes to weight loss, but also detoxifies the body.

The product doesn't contain any preservatives (only heat treated immediately after pressing canned), any colouring, or sweetener - CLEAR, FRESH APPLE JUICE.

Packaging: 24 cans/tray, 2.304 pcs./pallet
Shelf life 18 Months.