Canned Baby Foods

Canned Baby FoodsCanned Baby Foods
Canned Baby FoodsCanned Baby Foods
We offer our baby food for four age groups.
  • Orange labelproducts can be fed to babies four months old an over, this is the sign for products suggested while weaning. Size: 163 g.
  • Baby food with a purple label are suggested for babies six months and older: puréed fruit and vegetables also contain some pressed meat. Size: 163 g.
  • Blue label baby food is offered for youngsters eight months old and over: these are junior meals that also contain some tender bits of food. Size:163 g, only the Tomato sauce with chicken is available in 220 g.
  • You can feed your baby our crimson label food from the age of 10 months and over, and these are real “dishes for tiny adults”. Size: 220 g.