Corn Oil

Corn OilCorn Oil
Corn Oil

The cold pressed corn oil has a beautiful golden yellow color, along with a mild taste of corn. The cold pressing technology results an oil with high essential fatty acid content which is necessary for the basic vital functions. High vitamin A, D, E content can have a positive effect on cellular regeneration. Regarding the essential fatty acids, their presence results a well preserved, healthy cardio-vascular system and therefore, helping our hearts work. The high vitamin E, especially makes it usable for treating skin or any mucous membranes. Daily usage can help fight allergies, asthma and also ease our digestive processes.

It can be used for salads as well as a cooking oil because of its high smoke point. Its taste makes it appropriate for eastern style dishes.

Available sizes: 40 ml, 250 ml, 750 ml, 1 lit. bottles or by 216,5 lit./drum.