Eggnog Liqueur

Eggnog LiqueurEggnog Liqueur
Eggnog LiqueurEggnog Liqueur

The best selling eggnog made from fresh ingredients (fresh semi-skimmed milk, pasteurized egg yolks and the finest alcohol). No artificial colouring or preservatives are used during the production process.

These egg liqueur based spirits are as silkily smooth and delicious, as the eggnog was in our grandmothers´ times.
Moreover, apart from a traditional flavour, you can also try EGGNOG ( Vaječný sen) with a CHOCOLATE flavour, HAZELNUT flavour, or our NEW PRODUCTS: PISTACHIO flavour and CARAMEL flavour.

Whichever flavour you prefer, you will always enjoy the eggnog whose quality is fully guaranteed.
Available size: 0,5 lit. Packaging: 15 bottles/carton, 660 bottles/pallet.
Moq: 1 pallet, can include different flavoured ones.