Face Tonic

Face TonicFace Tonic
Face Tonic For Normal And Sensitive Skin

Refreshing, non-alcoholic face tonic containing hydrating Aloe vera extract and skin calming Panthenol for reducing inflammation. It gives your skin a fresh sensation and opens the blocked pores. It increases the elasticity of your skin.
Apply on clean face each morning and evening.

Face Tonic For Oily And Spotty Skin

Face tonic containing desinfection and inflammation reducing agents, herbal essences and essential vitamins (Biotin, B5 Provitamin) is a special cherishing substance for oily skin. This product is specially suitable for treating oily skin. It dries acnes and hinders their return. It gives your skin a fresh sensation.
Apply on clean face each morning and evening for assuring all day protection for the skin.

Size of both products:
150 ml
Packaging: 6 pieces/carton, 3.456 pieces/pallet.