Flavoured Vodka

The SQUASH flavoured Vodka family is an excellent party drink, including 15% alcohol. If do You want to make a funny party, but not the alcohol volume is important - only to enjoy, our wide range of flavoured vodka drinks can give You a good opportunity to surprise Your friends. All the types could get an additional name during the testing of their flavours describing the key impressions. The "Cannabis REVOLT" gives uniqueness for the first moment. Please look at the other tastes also, You can find some interesting fruit combinations as well: "Green Apple EXLOSION", "Strawberry RUSH", "Mojito SENSATION", "Sour Cherry EXTREME", "Plum HOT & BITTER", "Wild Pear FABOLOUS", "Maracuja & Pink Grapefruit PASSIONATE", "Raspbery & Jasmine EXCITEMENT", "Starfruit & Brazilian Melon PROVOCATION", BLUE CURACAO.
The products are available in 0,5 lit. bottle, 12 bottles/carton.
MOQ: 1 pallet with 672 bottles.