Fruit Syrups

Fruit SyrupsFruit Syrups
Fruit SyrupsFruit Syrups
Fruit Syrups
The made with Stevia FRUTTA MAX fruit syrups with 50% real fruit content have great flavours and wonderful, fruity smell! Not speaking about that big advantage from the end-users' point of view: from one bottle can be made 12 litres of still or fizzy drink. Dosage is very simple by the help of the measuring cup.
Can be used also for soda machines.
The available tastes: orange, peach, raspberry, strawberry and sour-cherry, black-currant, blueberry, elder-lime-mint, lemon-lime, pomegranate, Kid's Cola.

On the plastic bottles there are label texts in the following languages: HU,GB,D,HR,RO,SRB,SLO,RUS. Of course in case of Your other market demands we can serve too.
Size: 500 ml

Frutta Max  "LIGHT"
(sugar-free) syrups in 5 tastes: strawberry, raspberry, orange, lemon-lime and elder.
Size: 500 ml

Dilution rate: 1:23.
Expiration time: 365 days.
Logistics: 8 plastic bottles/tray, 135 trays/pallet.

Our HoReCa packaging: in 10 lit. bag-in-box to fill the soda machines or we can offer plastic pump for the 500 ml bottles.

New taste in 2020: Lemon falvoured green tea syrup.


The made with sugar and sugar-free types are also available in a "pocket" size bottle: 62,5 ml. This quantity is enough to prepare 1,5 lit. fresh fruity cold drink.
On the back of the bottles there is a helpful marking by every 2,5 dl.
We'ready to offer made with sugar and sugar-free types in this size too.
Logistics: 12 bottles/display/taste, the colour of the carton for sugar types is claret, for sugar-free ones: green.
5 displays/carton.