Hanacka Vodka


The Hanacka Vodka is the first branded vodka in Bohemian countries.

Its history dates back to the 1950-ies and during this period of time, Hanacka vodka has succeeded in attracting a lot of customers. Nowadays, it is the second best selling vodka on the Czech market, especially thanks to its excellent, slightly alkaline, taste that is so popular with vodka drinkers.

Alcohol content: 37,5%
Available size: 0,5 lit., 0,7 lit. and 1 lit.
Logistic details: 0,5 lit. type: 15 bottles/carton, 44 cartons/pallet = 660 bottles/pallet.
                       0,7 lit. type: 10 bottles/carton, 42 cartons/pallet = 420 bottles/pallet.
                          1 lit. type:  8 bottles/carton, 39 cartons/pallet = 312 bottles/pallet.
MOQ: 1 pallet.