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Moisturising Hand Cream With Vitamin

Easily absorbing hand cream containing hydrating Aloe-extract, nourishing Avocado-oil, regenerating Vitamins E, F, B5 Provitamin and Panthenol. This light moisturising cream with anti-oxidant Vitamin E, conditions and protects against skin-damaging environmental elements. Gently massage into skin, especially after cleansing. Use several times each day.
Result: increased skin protection, smoother skin. Continuously controlled, guaranteed quality.
Size: 200 ml
Packaging: 12 pieces/carton, 2.880 pieces/pallet.

Hand Cream VITAMIN "A" With Glycerine

Glycerine based hand cream - containing natural herbal oil, Vitamin A and Panthenol - which nourishes the dry and cracked skin on the hands and feet. Its special ingredients replenish, nourish and hydrate the skin. It gives your hand a treat to get rid of roughness, flakiness, peeling or cracking. Especially suitable for treating damaged skin in case of gardening, kitchen work, contact with detergents, chemicals, etc. Use several times each day. The composition of the Hand Cream with Glycerin was updated in 2007. We enriched it with sweet-almond oil and avocado oil and considerably reduced the quantity of mineral oil (paraffin oil). Thus the cream became even softer and milder and absorbes more easily. With the purchase of sweet-almond oil, our factory supports the economy of developing countries in the frame of the "Community Trade" program.

Size: 125 ml
Packaging: 6 pieces/carton, 3.456 pieces/pallet.