Linseed Oil

Linseed OilLinseed Oil
Linseed Oil

Cold pressed linseed oil

The linseed oil is one of the purest vegetable oil containing the most essential fatty acid, so we can truthfully say that it is in the group of the most valuable oils. It has incredible high alpha-linolenic acid, Vitamin E and beta-carotene content. The seed’s oil content is made out of alpha-linolenic acid by 50-52%, namely omega-3 fatty acid. This is an essential unsaturated fatty acid, which is cannot be produced by the human body, so by all means we have to consume it with food. The linseed is exceptional in this respect, because it is a primary source of this necessary ‘good fat’. These bio active ingredients, by their antioxidant and inflammatory effects, can help in the fight with cancer cells, recover high blood pressure to a normal level and maintain a healthy heart and vascular system. They stimulate brain functions and amend our eyesight. People, who live an active life, can prevent after training muscle pain and by speeding up the digestion, it helps to burn body fat. They help the membrane creation for all the body cells, protecting them from harmful impacts and contributing to their structural integrity. Today, it’s cholesterol decreasing influence is well known and highly effective.


The omega-3 fatty acid has several potential anti-blood clotting effect so we can’t use them if we take anticoagulant. People with haemophilia can use them only with great caution and with medical attention.

It shouldn’t be heated up or used in cooking because of it’s low boiling point. The product should be kept refrigerated.

Available sizes: 250 ml, 750 m, 1 lit. bottles or by 216,5 lit./drum.