Liqueur Filled Bonbons

Liqueur Filled BonbonsLiqueur Filled Bonbons

NEW of 2021!!!

In our range You can find the unique, made on the basis of saved since the renaissance ages recipe "Mathias" herbal liqueurs. Now we can introduce for the Worldwide market our delicious, hand-crafted dark chocolate truffles, herbal liqueur types filled bonbons in well-designed gift boxes

Available 3 types of the exclusive MATYAS CHOCO:
  •  CLASSIC filled with natural herbal liqueur bonbons
  •  SOUR-CHERRY filled with sour-cherry taste herbal liqueur bonbons
  •  PLUM filled with plum taste herbal liqueur bonbons
Alcohol content: 2%

Each gift box includes 160 g (12 pcs. bonbons).
Packaging: 20 boxes/carton