Low Carbohydrate Flour Mixes

D-LIFE LOW CARBOHYDRATE FLOUR MIXES to prepare bread, short cakes for people suffering from diabetes disease or want to keep their figure.
  • D-Mix flour mix for bread
  • D-Mix 70% whole mill flour mix for bread
  • D-Mix short cake flour mix

Advantages of these products:
  • the made from them food contains 30% less carbohydrates than standard ones
  • they have delicate taste with no strange aftertaste
  • easy to prepare
  • egg- and dairy-free, so vegans also can consume
  • due to their herbal active ingredients their absorption is slow
  • measurebly reduce the blood glucose levels
  • their daily consumption contributes to weight loss
  • contribute to maintenance of normal blood cholesterol level
  • they are made using only natural ingredients without preservatives
  • have a high plant-based protein content

Expiration: 2 years.
Packaging: available in 25 kg bags.
MOQ: 1 pallet