The variety of hand casted aluminium mailboxes can grant You the opportunity to solve demands of Your different customers: we offer solution for private houses to mount the mailbox on the fence, we have a built-in tpye, we have bigger size for companies.
Our mailboxes can be profitable first of all for those countries, which are located at the sea-side, because the made from stainless steel types there become rusty very soon. Our mailboxes are weather resistant ones!
The raw material: aluminium alloy. Because of the material and the art of the production, the mailbox is strong, reliable, and aesthetic. Letters and mail can be emptied trough the door of the mailbox, which can be closed by a key.
Coating: by electrostatic dust painting in the following colours: black, white, green, red, antique bronze, antique gold and antique silver.
Could be fixed with 4 woodscrew through the 4 auger hole on the backside of the mailbox.
You can find here the detailed picture catalogue in the News menu.