Seed Flour

Hungarian origin healthy, vegan products are the seed flour types.

1. Grape seed flour

Can be created from cold pressed grape seed oil residue – plays elemental role in the modern nourishment, so in saving and revising health. The grape seed flour is rich in bioactives and antioxidants. The vascular system could be protected from sclerosis by the grape seed flour, thereby this flour could reduce the danger of thrombosis. It is also a good source of Vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acid.
Available sizes: 250 gr, 500 gr bags or in bulk.

2. Hip seed flour

Rosehips contain ten times as much vitamin C as lemons do. Vitamin C enhances the resilience of the body and has a demulcent and immune strengthening effect. It helps eliminate gum inflammation, kidney stones and gallstones. Studies have shown that rosehip fruit activates the gene that is responsible for the formation of cartilage and collagen in our bodies. By consuming the grists, you can supply your body naturally with the vitamins, minerals, trace elements and other precious agents that can be found in plants, so they can effectively assist to protect your health.
Consume this nicely sourish flour with some yogurt or juice or use it when baking cakes and pastries.

3. Walnut seed flour

High energy and protein content. Contains minerals that are important for the body: zinc, phosphor, potassium, iodine and sulphur. Can be used for confectionery, e.g. honey cakes, breads and scones. Amino-acids in nutmeat are essential for the human body. A study has shown that walnuts can prevent prostate cancer. It reduces high cholesterol level and increases insulin sensitivity which reduces the risk of diabetes.
Walnut flour can be used for confectionary as well. It is a great ingredient for cakes/pastries or breads and brings back the taste of traditional, old-fashioned whole-grain breads. You can also use it in pancakes and fish (especially salmon) dishes.

4. Sea buckthorn seed flour

Sea buckthorn is one of today’s most valuable medicinal plants. The seed of the crop is a vitamin bomb with vitamin A and E and a lot of nutrients. It contains polyphenols, flavonoids, minerals, trace elements and fibers. Sea buckthorn is well known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Sea buckthorn flour stimulates the cellular regeneration and improves the efficiency of the antioxidant mechanisms against viruses. It can provide protection against bacteria and fungi, protecting the alimentary tract. It strengthens the walls of capillaries and protects the blood vessels in the eyes.

5. Hemp seed flour

Traditional hemp seed has been our bodyguard for centuries. It contains essential amino acids and has a high content of unsaturated fatty acids. Its high fiber content helps digestion. Extremely easy to be absorbed, so it helps build a strong and healthy immune system.
Hempseed flour can be used in many ways. You can bake pastries and breads with it. Whole wheat flour can be replaced by hempseed flour, and it can also be used with other types of seed flours. You can mix it into cereals and smoothies. Healthy, nutritious, protein-rich and very delicious.

6. Linseed flour

Rich in fibers, protein and minerals. Contains a phytoestrogen (lignan) which can facilitate the ovulation and reduce the unpleasant symtoms of menopause. Facilitates intestinal function which contributes to body purification. Linseed flour plays an important role in preventing autoimmune diseases. It can help eliminate toxins and cholesterol deposits. It reduces the formation of gastric acid and so the chances of stomach ulcer.
Traditional flours can be partially replaced by linseed flour. It can be mixed with salads, muesli or curd and is also ideal for thickening as it can absorb a huge amount of liquids and fats. You can also add it to the dough or sprinkle on top of pastries and scones. When mixed with sesame seed flour (in a 1:1 proportion), it can help protect your teeth.

7. Poppy seed flour

Because of its high content of minerals (iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphor), poppy seed flour can be beneficial in preventing osteoporosis and iron deficiency. Due to its low carbonhydrate and high fiber and protein content, poppy seed flour fits into any diet. It is a great substitution for ground poppy seeds, and, moreover, can be preserved longer due to its reduced oil content.
You can use poppy seed flour instead of white flours in any recipes that match with the taste of poppy seeds. Ideal for making pastries and for shaking up your muffins, donuts, fillings or even breads with its taste.

8. Sesame seed flour

A great source of calcium and magnesium that strenghtens the immune system and helps protecting of the muscles. Thanks to its high fiber content it gives a sense of satiety. It has a low calorie and carbonhydrate content.
Its usability is manifold. As it absorbs a huge amount of liquids and fats, it can not only be used for frying but also for thickening food. Feel free to mix it with other kinds of seed flour.
You can make some extraordinary escalopes by substituting wheat flour with sesame seed flour or create a delicious vegetable coat by diluting the oil with beer.

9. Pumpkin seed flour

This flour is made of no shell oilseed pumpkins. It has a characteristic taste and aroma and a vivid green colour. Its possible uses are manifold. Useful in different diets as well as for preparing cakes and hot meals. When consumed regularly, pumpkin seed flour has a beneficial effect on bladder and prostate diseases. Due to its high phosphorus content, it facilitates brain and neural processes. It slows down and moderates the process of dementia. Due to its vitamin A end E content, it blocks inflammatory processes in the body. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis. Pumpkin seed flour is a great helper in the fight against infertility for both women and men.
Ideal for buns, scones and bread specialities. Its wonderful green color makes anything a bit extraordinary.

10. Milk thistle seed flour

During the production of our milk thistle seed flour, we use no chemical treatment. This flour is rich in minerals and vitamins and has a particularly high protein, dietary fiber and energy content. Milk thistle has been considered to be the most effective liver detoxifier herb for centuries. Its hepatoprotective effects are well-known. Both its taste and scent are very distinctive and markedly herb-like. Milk thistle was chosen as herb of the year for 2013 in Hungary.

All the products are available in 250 or 500 gr paper bags for retail and bulk for wholesalers or end user food producers.