Skin Lightening Cream

Soliteint skin lightening cream SPF 15, with the natural whitening component derived from the root of Boerhaavia Diffusa, helps to fade and cover age surface UV patches and flecks. Can be used in the early stages for the prevention of dark spots resulting from pigment accumulation. Due to its skin management effect This cream fades problem areas more strongly, creating even skin tones and shading. Raspberry, apple, peach, kiwi, papaya, cucumber, and strawberry extracts have antioxidant qualities and C-Vitamin and AHA content further strenghtens the whitening effect, while gently moisturising and nourishing the skin to leave a silky complexion.
Contains no ingredients of animal origin, artificial colouring, mineral oils or paraben derivatives.
Size: 30 ml
Packaging: 6 pieces/carton, 5.040 piecs/pallet.