Tokaji Aszu

As Luis XV said about this most famous and popular Hungarian wine: VINUM REGUM, REX VINORUM (KING OF WINES, WINE OF KINGS). The Tokaji Aszu is the most important wine of every wineries of the Tokaj historical wine region of Hungary. We can offer with different numbers of butts (in our language: puttony), like 3 or 5 or 6 butts. The butt (puttony=20-25 kg) means, the quantity of aszu berries soaked in a "gönci" barrel (136 litres) of must. The wine is aged more years in oak casks. Recommended to serve at 10-12 Celsius to crown very special events.
The made in 2008 6 butts type won Gold Medal at the VINAGORA competition.
Size: 0,5 lit.