Tokaji Szamorodni White Wine

The dry and the sweet TOKAJI SZAMORODNI belong to the most famous white wines of Tokaj historical wine region of Hungary.
  • dry, 2016. in 0,5 or 0,25 lit bottles, alc.: 15,5%

Blend of 2 main grape varieties : 50-50 % of Furmint and Hárslevelű grapes. Tokaji Szamorodni is one of the most famous wines of Tokaj, the word is originated from Poland : "As it has grown". It contains the botritised aszúberries and the green berries as well, which gives a special character to the wine. Really good as aperitif, best served at 10-12°C.

  • sweet, 2015 in 0,5 or 0,25 lit. bottles, alc.: 11%
Really good as an aperitif, or as an appetizer with goose liver. Best served at 10-12°C.

After it 2 years of barrel ageing in 220 liter hungarian oak-wood barrels. Elegant botrytis, smooth barrique and apricot in the nose. In the mouth slightly honey, vanilla, apricot and mango.